Most Drink in Secret

Adapted from ANTON CHEKHOV’s The Seagull
In a damp and humid lake-house a dusty record player emits the distinctive tones of Kate Bush. We are in 1980s Russia, and an old man sits waiting to die, the lake filling the panorama of his vision. But this peace is irreversibly disturbed when a liquor-fuelled family reunion stirs up forgotten memories and prods mercilessly at old wounds. Love that is exploited, manipulated and kept secret finally emerges in the wake of a bohemian summer holiday. Blurring the lyrics of seminal 80s songs and Anton Chekhov’s classic text from ‘The Seagull’, FellSwoop Theatre present Most Drink in Secret, with three actors who transform from one character to the next, mixing text, cabaret, dynamic physicality and an original soundtrack
FellSwoop are a young company evidently dripping with talent and brimful of creative ideas.
I loved ‘Most Drink in Secret’ and I see the Fellswoop Theatre Group having a promising future ahead of them.

IMG_6709 copy 2



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