Five Days in March

FellSwoop Theatre made their first site-specific show in East-London, performing for two nights only in November 2012 at the Allpress Espresso Cafe, Shoreditch. With only 7 days to rehearse, the company worked quickly and instinctively to bring a raw and immersive experience using Okada’s intricate ‘hyper-real’ modern language which blends a fast-paced stream of consciousness and gives a snapshot of contemporary youth culture.
Five Days in March was the winner of the 49th Kishida Drama Award in 2004. Okada’s work was praised for the strong sense of questioning it brings to the systems of theater. To date Sangatsu no Itsukakan (Five Days in March) has been presented in fourteen cities in over nine countries. This is the first time his work is performed by a British Theatre company.
Directed by Bertrand Lesca and performed by eight actors from the UK, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway and Japan. Five Days in March tells the story of Minobe and Yukki, two young strangers who meet by chance in Tokyo and spend five nights in a love hotel whilst Iraq is being invaded by the US.
Director – Bertrand Lesca
Cast – Louis Allen, Ivan Juritz, Pia Laborde Noguez, Fiona Mikel, Sean Pogmore, Harald Veland, Trygve Wakenshaw
Music & Sound – Ben Osborn / Hideki Sakomizu
Producer – Helena Miscioscia
Design – Joanna Duncombe
Company Manager – Georgia Wooley

This production may be returning to other site-specific venues in the near future, so please keep in touch for more news.

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