Week 2 Blog-Post: “Getting to Know You”


Getting to Know You

Disclaimer: I’m not even going to attempt to outdo Jack in either form or content – for one thing I’m not sure if it can be done and, for another, I’ve barely had time to breathe since Thursday.

Walking into the Studio was like walking into my Year Nine disco. It was Thursday night and the lights were low as we nervously clumped together – twizzling our hair and our hearts – waiting for the fateful question: ‘Would you care to dance?’ A dazzling Frenchman swerved towards us and I felt some ‘je ne sais quoi’ oozing from my underarms in anticipation. Could it be? It could! I closed my eyes as I was swept off my feet and on to the dance floor. Other couples soon followed and the room swayed. I felt dizzy with emotion and our step-by-step rotation. My partner opened his mouth to speak but I felt I already knew both the question and my answer, ‘Yes, yes! I will run away with you! Where will we go? Who knows? Anywhere, anywhere where they’ll leave us alone, leave us alone just to live, to live and be together!’ He leaned in close and I felt the tickle of his breath as he said, ‘I ‘ave to give everyone ze instructions now, so you’ll ‘ave to find a new partnerrr(rrrr)’.

So this session was all about getting to know each other – an apt task given the title of our project. As we danced in the darkness, we asked questions and shared secrets; staring into one another’s eyes as we learnt a little bit about what was behind them. Since no FellSwoop session feels complete without the rather unwieldy whiteboard, we scribbled our three most probing questions (ranging from ‘Do you think it is ethical to have more than two children?’ to ‘Are you magical?’) and chose the ones we wanted answers to. ‘What makes you content?’, ‘What memory are you most afraid of losing’, and ‘What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?’ We cast furtive glances around the room and stuttered that of course, we hadn’t done anything REALLY bad…

The following task was one that never fails to fill me with dread when faced with a still fairly unfamiliar group of people: Singing. If you had to choose a song to sum up your personality, your values, your memories, yourself, what would it be? I’m still not sure I know the answer to that question but nevertheless, we squeaked our way through (and discovered some unexpectedly beautiful vocals). This sparked a series of devised scenarios ranging from the mundane to the profound, and, particularly in the case of Fi and Bert’s car journey to Warwick, a mix of both.

Finally, we returned to our private passions as the rest of the personal monologues were performed. We discovered an educating tree-lover, a vociferous non-carnivorous vegetarian, and a proliferation of possible utopias – as well as how peculiarly long one minute can feel.

After this session, I feel that while I may have more answers, I also have more questions.