Week 1 : La Rage


”To Know How You Stand”

Week 1 Blog Entry  by Alasdair Pidsley

Involvement, ambition, responsibility, people who say yes, play, snacks, danger and safety, community, rebellion, making mistakes, people who go WILD, honesty and openness, dissidence, risk… The list goes on. These are all things that the newly formed IATL/ FellSwoop ensemble have identified as ‘things that we WANT’ from the following four weeks of work leading up to our public performances of our, as yet undefined new show at the beginning of March. We want these things in the rehearsal room, in ourselves, in the energy we create together, in the community we form.

We are a new, unformed, indistinct, messy, mish-mash group of people, artists, collaborators; and it is that which is so exciting. We are on the brink of something that as yet does not exist. We have potential, and by trusting in our convictions and our collective spirit, we are confident that we can turn this raw potential in to a challenging and expressive piece of theatre.


 Inspiring, striking, interactive, scary, political, unruly, vibrant, daring, political, vibrant, disconcerting. These are some of the things that we want our final piece to be, when it becomes a live piece of theatre in front of an audience. That is all we know though.

Bert and Fi from FellSwoop Theatre (both graduates from Warwick), have recruited us, the ensemble, from across the University. We have come together from separate and largely distant schools and courses, united in our interest in collaboration and interdisciplinary learning. And with the basis of ‘Utopias’, as a concept, we are going to creatively explore the political, the social, the practical, the academic, and the philosophical theories surrounding the idea of utopia and counter-culturalism.

The first week has been exhilarating and eye-opening. We’ve talked, we’ve written, we’ve danced, we’ve sweated, we’ve discussed, we’ve played, and we’ve become very close…in more ways than one. ‘To Know How To Stand’ is a bundle of fun. It’s going to be hard work, but it’s going to be worth it!