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Wardrobe Theatre – 24th / 28th March

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Three women stand on a cliff-edge overlooking their village; a village which is soon to disappear. “Sometimes we need to do things like this”, one of them says, “we need to step away from our daily lives, and look at them from a distance.”

Using live music and a cast of six female performers, FellSwoop explore how rumour and fear of inevitable change disrupts families, friends and communities.

After Five Days in March: Toshiki Okada’s first and major worldwide success, FellSwoop presents the UK premiere of Current Location.

FellSwoop Theatre is a Bristol Old Vic Ferment associate company. Previous NSDF Emerging Artists award winner, and Critics’ Choice Award at Ignite Festival last year. Their work tours nationally and their latest devised piece Ablutions will be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe this year.

“Reminds you why theatre is so bloody brilliant.”
Wildfire, on Ablutions

”Lead the field when it comes to embracive, musical, multimedia storytelling.”
Ideastap, on Belleville Rendez-vous