Ablutions Rehearsals: Part Two

Team FellSwoop have just emerged squinting into the daylight after an intensive and thrilling 14 days of devising, adapting and rehearsing Ablutions. We’ve seen the show evolve in many new and exciting ways. A whopping great thank-you to all those who came to see the work throughout and gave us such vital feedback. Only three weeks to go and we can finally show audiences the production as it debuts at Bristol Old Vic between 16-18 April. Let us take you on a ride passed the Latter-day Saints of Salt Lake City, the shimmering lights of Las Vegas, the lonely heart of Peg at the jukebox in the corner of some seedy bar, and the innumerable gas stations where we can pick up a single can of Bud…

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Rehearsal Photos by Charley Murrell – http://www.charleymurrell.com/