Tales From The Bar – Thursday 21st March @ The Birdcage, Bristol

Stagger through the swing doors to join FellSwoop Theatre for a night of live music, storytelling, heart-ache and hard drinking.

Join us to celebrate the reunion of cult alt-country band Luxury Liner – their first gig since the sudden death of their songwriter and frontman, the gifted but troubled Adam Blake. Blake’s unique talent was sadly coupled with the lifestyle of excess that would cut his career tragically short. Celebrating his life and work, the band present their personal selections from his ouvre, including ‘A Glass Darkly’, ‘Divot in Your Heart (By Morning)’, ‘The Country Where I Grew’ and many more, with their trademark blending of lap steel, banjo, guitar, harmonica and four-part harmony.

There will be some special guest performances from: Luxury Liner – the FellSwoop company Country& Western band

The Original Spinners – this clowning troupe perform a Wild West ‘happening’!
James Graham – the smoothest fingers in all of Hollywood to tinkle the ivories
Guilty Party – Bristol Old Vic’s emerging artists initiative and riotous band
Frankey – Bristol-based community singer and musician
Walkabout Characters – from Las Vegas roulette tables to heart-break Peg out on her match-making quest
Line-Dancing – join Michelle for a crash-course in the Tush Push: 5, 6, 7, 8!
Joseph Wallace – a Cowboy and Indian show-down animation from the animator/film and theatre maker
and a very Special Mystery Guest!
…with many, many more performances, bluegrass cocktails, dressing up booth, rodeo and an Elvis Impersonator, Eddie Mitchell, straight off the ferry from Calais to compare the evening!

Tales From The Bar

FellSwoop are a Bristol based theatre company whose recent sell-out tour, a stage adaptation of the film Belleville Rendez-vous won the Edinburgh Emerging Artists Award 2011, and they are now working alongside Bristol Old Vic to present their new show, an adaption of Patrick deWitt’s novel Ablutions.

8pm-11pm / £4 on the door
The Birdcage – http://www.birdcagebristol.com/

Photos from our last event: The Jilted Bride’s Parlour Party and The Jilted Bride’s American Beauty Pageant!

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