“You Stock-up on Supplies for the Long Desert Journey”

In our own Ablutions-style vision quest we set off on the highway last weekend, looking for inspiration. We drove and we drove, following the most uneconomical route possible, from Bristol to the Dorset coast (via Oxford…) Picking up Bert and Ben in the old town, stopping to watch Cheek By Jowl’s fantastique ‘Ubu Roi’ at the Oxford Playhouse which Bert had worked on as assistant director. Through perilous mist and fog we journeyed onward, reaching the creaking stone mill in the early hours of the morning. We spent two days song-writing, and converting bedrooms into installations and cosy theatres. A nightly stroll along Chesil Beach peninsula was our equivalent of the Grand Canyon, singing into the epic chasm, losing shoes in the bog and pushing our wagon out of it’s clutches as we tried to return home… We arrive aching and salty from the whipping air, but clasping more script and material than we could’ve dreamed! Gone are the days of rehearsal rooms, give us snug shelter in a remote and haunted house any day…

[Ablutions will be performed at Bristol Old Vic 16-18th April 2013, tickets are available online here]

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