Feed Your Head

We performed to a packed audience yesterday evening at Bristol Old Vic – our first time as part of Ferment Festival. We previewed a work-in-progress of our latest show ‘Ablutions’; an adaptation of Patrick DeWitt’s first novel.

Thank you to all who came, many of whom we had never met before.

The great thing about Ferment is being able to test an idea, and having your feedback is what we really would like to influence our next stage of development.

We have received an overwhelming number of feedback forms from the audience, as well as speaking to a lot of you after the show, and cannot wait to dig through all the thoughts.

If you happened to see our excerpt of the show, and didn’t manage to fill out the feedback form, please, please take a few minutes to answer these questions below or leave any comments at all – just pop them in an email to us at fellswooptheatre@gmail.com

It’s really exciting to be thinking about the next steps with such support behind us.

We hope to keep you updated on all our progress soon…

In the meantime, let’s all go dive head first into seeing all the bright ideas coming out of Ferment in the next fortnight!

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You can also now join our mailing list here.

What did you like most about this piece?

If you could change one thing about what you’ve seen, what would it be?

Are you given enough context to understand the piece?

Did you care about the characters present on stage? Who?

Do you think sound and mime worked for the piece, and how do you think the music influenced your vision of the play?

Any other comments?


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