Audience response…

“Belleville Rendezvous was amazing – extremely imaginative props and puppets. Highly recommended.” @enJoy_film

“Show no1. Belleville Rendez-vous, Bedlam Theatre. Incredibly inventive use of props, puppets and music! Fabulous mime-style performances!” @theatreodyssey 

“Sensitive funny bright “Belleville Rendez-vous” by Fellswoop Theatre. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen or liked the film: go!”  French Institute, Scotland

“On a more cheerful note: if you are only going to see 1 play at Edinburgh Fringe – make it Belleville Rendez-vous. Amazing.” @alina_t

“Loved Belleville Rendez-vous”  @transporttheatr

“Loved @FellswoopTheatr at @bedlamfringe. Was sublime”  @ThankyouTheatre

“Congratulations @FellswoopTheatr. The show was amazing. Loved the music! A must see.  ” @TomAPaton

“Went to see Belleville Rendez-vous at Bedlam Theatre this morning. So good. Go see.” @carolcurran

“Great show today! I’ll keep an eye out for future productions.” @SuperDanVillain

“Belleville-Rendezvous at the Edinburgh Fringe was a wonderful live performance of physical theatre blending mime, music and puppetry.” @Miniartville


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