Cinema Soiree – Midlands Calling

Those near the Midlands on 22nd May, don’t miss this night of splendour in Leamington Spa – our Cinema Soiree.

Having bought a ticket and met with our man, you’ll be given the details of the rendezvous.

From there you’ll be discreetly guided underground, behind closed doors, for an evening of live jazz, drinks and some celluloid noir – but it wouldn’t be any fun if we told you what the film was now, would it?

From 6pm onwards into the sparkling night and afterwards..

For the nighthawks among you – the city never sleeps – our friends will be in Wildes Wine Bar, enjoying an evening of sinful decadence and debauchery. They’ve offered to hold the line-up a little while, to see us all in before the party really starts.

Come wind, come rain, come hell or high water
this’ll be a night to attend and remember.

Tickets:-£5- to be bought in advance by emailing the word



and we’ll arrange an exchange at your convenience…

From the team that adapted Oscar nominated “Belleville Rendez-vous” for the Warwick Arts Centre studio in February 2010 – Now working closely with Sylvain Chomet, the film’s BAFTA winning director, to perform it once more for an international audience at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2011 – FellSwoop Theatre Company present a dazzling soiree with joie de vivre!



CINEMA SOIRÉE is a one off event.

CINEMA SOIRÉE is between the two of us.


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