The Essentials of Kitchen Cookware

Most cookware sites have lists of the essential pans a home kitchen should have. These range from as few as 2 (a frying pan and a saucepan) to as many as 10 (every primary type of pan plus other items).

Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

Whether braising short ribs or baking bread, this Dutch oven will take your kitchen to the next level. Its seasoned or enamel-coated cast iron handles are built to withstand heat, and the tight-fitting lid locks in moisture during slow cooking for extra-tender results.

It requires special cleaning and seasoning but can last a lifetime with proper care.

Stainless Steel Spatula

A broad stainless steel head makes it ideal for flipping pancakes and cookies, while a slotted design helps drain and turn delicate fish fillets. GoodCook micro spatulas have a spoon side on one end and a flat spatula on the other, perfect for reliably sampling or processing powders, granules, and pastes.

Stainless Steel Food Scraper

A stainless steel scraper, bench knife, or dough scraper is essential for bakers and bakers-wannabe. It’s a flat, rectangular blade with a handle along one edge.

It can scoop chopped ingredients from one container to another with minimal spillage. It can also scrape off smooth surfaces and remove stuck-on food debris. The handles are color-coded to help identify areas for different tasks. 

Adjustable Measuring Cup

A measuring cup is a necessary tool for any kitchen. It helps you measure your ingredients accurately, which ensures that your cooking or baking results turn out as expected.

This adjustable measuring cup is easy to use. Press with your thumb or forefinger at the point marker on top and twist and pull the sleeve to your desired measurement. Then, fill with solids up to the edge and level off with a spatula or knife blade. This set also has a more extended handle that’s easier to grip than other models.

Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoons have a long, storied history. They’re sturdy, versatile, and environmentally friendly. They also work well with cast-iron and non-stick cookware and fare better than metal spoons at preventing scratches on pans.

However, their porous surface does raise hygiene concerns. They require a little extra attention to maintain their condition.

You can even engrave wooden spoons with your favorite quote or family name. Strong, soft on non-stick surfaces, and heat-resistant, they’re an essential kitchen utensil for home and professional chefs.